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Our vision is to lift all homeless, displaced, disadvantaged youth out of poverty by supporting crit
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6.8 M Filipino children are illiterate. In the Philippines the poor make less than $2.00 per day. Many are single parents. They cannot feed their children let alone pay $19.00 a year for schooling. This is the reason that illiteracy is passed down from one generation to the next. These unschooled children are in the streets or are in high-risk but low-paying jobs. Your donation will not change the world but it will change the world for one child!


and books

If you are an illiterate parent you can not help your child with school.

There is not enough money to feed your child, let alone send them to school.

Through your generous donations, countless individuals have been given the opportunity to pursue their dreams and live a better quality of life.

We provide the school the tutition for one year.  They must keep up their grades to apply for the next year.

They go to Elementary Schools and National High Schools.

Your donations have been providing tuition and books to our scholars since 2015.

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Pennies For Pencils

It's easy to take for granted the simple tools we use every day, such as ball point pens, pencils, erasers, notebook, rulers,  scissors, crayons and glue.

However, for underprivileged children in many parts of the world, access to school supplies can be a luxury. Without these basic tools, children from developing countries are often turned away from school because they cannot fully participate. 

That's why providing school supplies to children in need is such an important cause.

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TUTORING for Children

Our local unpaid volunteers help the children with their school work individually and in study groups because their illiterate parents cannot. 

We are very proud of our volunteers who unselfishly give up room in their home for computer stations and teaching.  

We have always relied on a dedicated team of local unpaid volunteers. This way the money is given directly to the schools for tuition and the school supplies are directly given to the child.

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From the earliest days of our founding until now, a core pillar of The Hesser Foundations’ strategy has been working with trusted local networks of Filipino change makers who reliably see that foundation funds make it to the children who most desperately need it.  Due to widespread corruption at all levels of government, volunteers pay each student's tuition directly to the school and give each student’s basic school supplies for the entire year.

Take a


Every $19.00 we receive will keep

one child in school for a year.

The Hesser Foundations’ in-country workforce are all volunteers, meaning every dollar collected goes directly to the child’s education.

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Illiteracy IN the

We live in a world filled with opportunity, but unfortunately, not everyone is able to take advantage of the same chances. The Hesser Foundation strives to change that by providing access to resources for those who need it most. Through the your generous donations, countless individuals have been given the opportunity to pursue their dreams and live a better quality of life.

For many children, poverty brings with it exposure to violent crime, drugs, trafficking, substance abuse, and hopelessness.


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"The severe scarcity of books among filipino students is a serious crisis that must be addressed with urgency—with an immediate reallocation of public funds for the printing of books and the building of libraries."

Joel Ruiz Butuyan, Philippine Daily inquirer

"Because we are poor, my grandparents cannot afford to send us to school.  My grandparents are fisherman and they are getting old.  My parents broke up and they left us with nothing. I want to continue to go to school so I can help my brothers and sisters as well."



One of our classes

GIVE TODAY TO break the cycle of ILLITERACY for one child

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What People are saying about The Hesser Foundation

"Thank you so much Mrs. Dunesa Hesser for your support to our schools Brigada Escuela programs your donations helped a lot.  This is it! CONGRATS to to our Brigada Escuela coordinator Mj Flor Balino and to our Principal Menchie Lumayno and ENHS faculty, staff , parents and stakeholders!"


“Congratulations for the fantastic work you are doing to relieve these innocent kids who need the support of everyone! Don't give up!”

Toti Y

“This is one of my favorite foundations to donate to.  All the proceeds go straight to children in need in the Philippines.  Most foundations filter through a few companies that take a percentage…”

Sabrina M


“I personally met with Michael Hesser today to find out more about what/how his foundation supports the children of the Philippines. A kind soul, softly spoken man with a generous heart is the only way I can describe him. What a great initiative and generous project!”

Maureen T

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