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Before You Give to a Nonprofit

With all of the charities in the world how will you know which one to fund?

Following are some suggestions to think about before you give money to anyone.

  1. Can you tell what your money will be used for and for whom?

  2. Will the nonprofit’s mission support your goals?

  3. Will you make a difference with your donation?

  4. What proof does the nonprofit have that they are making a difference?

  5. Are their messages consistent?

  6. What is unique about them?

  7. What percentage of the money donated will go to overhead and expense?

With The Hesser Foundation your money will go further!


Your donation will change a life

Life for the impoverished is extremely difficult; however, with your help we can provide a much-needed opportunity for the children of poor families to get out of poverty by obtaining an education.  Every year, thousands of young and healthy minds are going to waste in the Philippines.  Of the illiterate people, 50% are children.  If they do not go to school, Filipino children are compelled to work to support the needs of their family. Close to a million Filipino youths work as garbage scavengers in public dumps.  The working conditions are filthy and have serious effects on the health of those individuals.  Other children employed in rural sectors work nonstop on sugar, rice and tea plantations or in the fishing sector.

The sad fact is that even though the parents want their child go to school they cannot afford the tuition.  Most parents are living on less than $2.00 per day.  Many are single parents.  There is not enough money for food or anything else.  Their diet consists mainly of rice with an occasional bit of fish or meat mixed in once or twice per week.

Your gift can help pay school fees, provide essentials like textbooks and school supplies. We never use our donations for overhead or expenses.  We do not take salaries and have added community-level local volunteers. The volunteers lead the civic programs and understand cultural nuances and their local needs the best.

Many large humanitarian groups are only working in the larger cities to combat the problems affecting children.  We are working in rural areas and very small cities ignored by the mainstream organizations.  We hope to keep these children from becoming another statistic. With your help we can make a difference.

Please donate now.  Any amount will help.!donate/c1ghi

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