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Every Child Deserves an Education


You can help.  Here are the reasons you should donate…

  1. You DO have enough money to make a difference!

  2. The money is NOT diluted with office expenses and salaries!

  3. The Philippine government does NOT control the money!

  4. Large charities do not contribute to some rural areas!

It only takes $25.00 per child per year to make a difference.

100% of the money collected is passed on to the children’s schools tuition, supplies and food.  Our offices are donated and we do not take a salary.

We have always relied on a dedicated team of local volunteers.  Money is given directly to the schools for tuition, supplies and food.

In the Philippines, we are working in very small neglected cities untouched by mainstream organizations.

Every year, thousands of young and healthy minds are going to waste in the Philippines because the families cannot pay the $25.00 per year for their children to stay in school. Filipino children that cannot attend school are compelled to work to help support the needs of their family.   This keeps the cycle of illiteracy passing from one generation to the next.  Close to a million Filipino youths work as garbage scavengers in public dumps.  The working conditions are filthy and have serious effects on the health of those individuals.  Other children work in farms and plantations, in dangerous mines, on streets, in factories, and in private homes as child domestic workers.  These children have jobs that place them in immediate physical danger. These risks include exposure to potentially harmful chemicals or sharp tools, and other dangers that may be less obvious but no less risky. Children are often forced to work long hours with few breaks, which takes a toll on their physical development. Others are abused by their employers, both physically and psychologically.

Can we please put a Stop to this Abuse!

Their family makes less than two dollars per day which to survive; there is no money for their children’s education. 

If you will donate for just one child at a time we will be able to help one school at a time!

Will you help us to start something viral by sharing our Facebook posts and re-tweeting our tweets?

Thank you,

The Hesser Foundation

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