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Happiest of Holidays!

Happy Holidays!  It’s been a year of big changes at The Hesser Foundation, and we are taking this opportunity to tell you about some of them, as well as to thank you for your support.  We have always relied on a dedicated team of volunteer cast and crew members, and an equally dedicated corps of patrons; people like you who make it possible change a child’s life in the Philippines.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

We wish to thank our patrons who we have met on line for their patronage. It has been an exciting year meeting and greeting new and regular donors at The Hesser Foundation. With your help, our nonprofit continues to grow and serve its mission. For more than seven years, our all-volunteer operation has donated all moneys to Philippine children.

We do not want to overlook any child, no matter where they live or what their circumstances but there is only so much we can do alone. Many charitable organizations exist to help children in the Philippines however they overlook the small communities. Our wonderful and good-hearted volunteers at the local level help us to maximize our efforts.  Many of them have even dug into their own pockets to help the needy children.

All children should have a loving home and the opportunity to succeed. That is unfortunately not the case for many Philippine youths. Today, 50 percent end up homeless and illiterate.  Over 50,000 children in the Philippines have been arrested and detained since 1995.

We believe that world change begins with educating children. We are committing our attention on two key areas that will have the greatest impact: literacy and gender equality in education.

These are reasons why we have worked with others to start and promote volunteer efforts that allow all of us to help bring success to these youth. There is much we can do today, as volunteers.

As we think about our holiday blessings, I would like a generous community to know there are many things we can do to help, some easier, and some that take more time. Or maybe you know someone who can help if you cannot.

There are smaller things we can do that make a big difference. Just make sure all your Facebook and Twitter friends know about our website:

And we are lucky to have so many generous people throughout this Nation.

Does this inspire you to help?

And, of course, if you would like to make an end-of-the-year contribution toward our goal of greater sustainability, by becoming (or continuing as) a Friend of The Hesser Foundation, we would very much appreciate your generosity.  It’s easy to give, donate online just click on donate at:

In the Philippines your money will go farther.

Give a Little – Change a Life

We wish you a new year filled with peace, joy, and meaning.

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