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Hesser Foundation Gives Poor Children in the Philippines Chance of a Good Education

Life of the poor is extremely difficult in the Philippines, however, your help together with the Hesser Foundation will provide a much-needed opportunity for the children of poor families to obtain their education.

With hard work, the families are able to meet their basic needs.  Families are nearly self-sufficient in terms of food; they only need to purchase meat or fish once a week to supplement their diet of rice. When they only make a dollar or two per day with which to survive, there is no money for anything else, including their children’s education, even though it is precious to them.

If your choice is to feed your family or send your children to school, unfortunately school must be forgotten.  This is one of the reasons that out of the 15+ million illiterate people in the Philippines, half of them are children.

Things are changing for the better since The Hesser Foundation’s program has been introduced because with your assistance the children in the small communities, which are untouched by the large charities, will be able to attend school.  Now, with your help, the children will be able to afford tuition and school supplies

Since 2008, we have self funded schools in the Philippines but we cannot do enough personally, so this foundation was started to for you to assist us in these efforts. Our offices are donated and we do not take a salary.  We have added local non-paid volunteers for community-level interventions, as we feel it is the best way for lasting change.

Having been raised in the Philippines I have a very personal awareness of their problems.  I began a feeding program for these children, as well as paying for their tuition and school supplies.  Our feeding program treats malnourished children by providing them with nutritious meals and a regular monitoring of progress and a school attendance rate is required of the children.

Many of the children attending school have graduated at the top of their class, allowing them a promising future.

We are now trying to collect enough money for the children for 2016.  Please help us.  It is not important how much you give any amount will help!

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