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It Will Not Take Money To Help!


It is simple just retweet our tweets and share our Facebook posts with your group!

Ask any executive director who is trying to balance a budget and stabilize their programs and they will tell you it is very difficult – and they are right!  Nonprofit organizations in the United States are now being challenged by major demographic, economic, technological, and social factors outside of their control. Large, established organizations have many of the resources to address these challenges, but the vast majority of nonprofits do not have the ability to easily adapt to changing in funding or new demand for services. Consequently, most face significant financial hardship, an uncertain future – and do not know what to do. These same small nonprofits are in hopes of raising more money.   Not only do 77% miss their budgeted revenue goals, but they are actually raising less money than the previous year. That means that even with all of the products and people being invested in, the majority of organizations are actually losing ground. Nonprofits do not just need software; they need your help and support.

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#nonprofit #charity we are asking for your help.

Life for the impoverished is extremely difficult; however, with your help we are providing a much-needed opportunity for the children of poor families to get out of poverty by obtaining an education.  Every year, thousands of young and healthy minds are going to waste in the #Philippines.  Of the illiterate people, 50% are children.  If they do not go to school, Filipino children are compelled to work to support the needs of their family.  Close to a million Filipino youths work as garbage scavengers in public dumps.  The working conditions are filthy and have serious effects on the health of those individuals.  Other children employed in rural sectors work nonstop on sugar, rice and tea plantations or in the fishing sector.


If you will just #retweet our tweets and share our Facebook posts you will be able to keep more children in school and not have to work in dangerous jobs to help their families.  Many are single parents.  These children have jobs that place them in immediate physical danger. These risks include exposure to potentially harmful chemicals or sharp tools, and other dangers that may be less obvious but no less risky. Children are often forced to work long hours with few breaks, which takes a toll on their physical development. Others are abused by their employers, both physically and psychologically.

Many large humanitarian groups are only working in the larger cities to combat the problems affecting children.  We are working in rural areas and very small cities ignored by the mainstream organizations.  We hope to keep these children from becoming another statistic. With your help we can make a difference.

All money collected is passed on to the children’s schools and supplies.

Will you help us to start something viral by sharing our Facebook posts and re-tweeting our tweets?

Thank you,

The Hesser Foundation

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