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Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Imagine what it would be like if YOU could not:

  1. Fill out a job application

  2. Read a road sign

  3. Read food labels

  4. Read a story to your child

“What does this have to do with me?”  You may ask.  If you can read this then you have to worry about illiteracy! Where else can you change someone’s life for $5 a month? Just read what one of our children sent to us.


Dear Hesser Foundation,

Thank you for being kind hearted to all those poor people like us. Thank you for this program and thankful to God that He heard our prayers. I do my very best so I can graduate and I will never waste any of your help. This scholarship is really a big help for us to reach our dreams.  I will pray to God to always protect you all the time.  I hope this program will never stop so we, poor people will have a future to reach our dreams. Thank you very much.

This is what is happening in the Philippines.  Because they have no skills they make less than $2.00 per day.  11.6M Filipinos ‘illiterate’, almost half of them children. Many are single parents. They cannot feed their children let alone pay $20.00 a year for schooling. Sadly, illiteracy is repeated every generation.  These illiterate children are begging in the streets or are in high-risk but low-paying jobs,  where they are subject to abuse and  unsafe working conditions.

I have been told to my face “I got where I am because of hard work.  Let them work for what they want!” These children are not afraid of work. If they do not go to school, they work to help their families. Working 10+ hour days for $1.50 a day wage, six+ days a week, they do not have the ability to rise above their circumstances unless they pay $15 per year for tuition and books and $10 per year for school supplies.


Poverty overshadows their lives.  The sad fact is that even though  parents want to have their child go to school they cannot afford the tuition.  They live in extreme poverty with not enough to feed themselves.


Close to a million Filipino youths work as charcoal collectors or garbage scavengers in public dumps. The working conditions are filthy and have serious effects on their health. Other children work in farms, plantations, in dangerous mines, on streets, in factories, fishing and in private homes as child domestic workers. These children have jobs that place them in immediate physical danger. These risks include exposure to potentially harmful chemicals or sharp tools, and other dangers that may be less obvious but no less risky. Children are forced to work long hours with few breaks, which takes a toll on their physical development. Others are abused by their employers, both physically and psychologically.

Can we please put a Stop to this Abuse!

Since 2008 we have personally funded schools in the Philippines. We find that we cannot do enough by ourselves so we started this 501 © (3) nonprofit charity in 2015 and we are asking for your help.

We are working in very small neglected cities untouched by mainstream organizations.  Our offices are donated and we do not take a salary. We have always relied on a dedicated team of local volunteers.  Money is given directly to the schools for tuition and, supplies.  No money is skimmed by politicians.  We must stop the thousands of young and healthy minds are going to waste each year.

Escalante Elementry

Life for the impoverished is extremely difficult; however, with your help we are providing a much-needed opportunity for the children of poor families to get out of poverty by obtaining an education.

If you will just #retweet our tweets and share our Facebook posts you will be able to keep more children in school and not have to work in dangerous jobs to help their families.

 Your $5 per month donation will not change the world but it will change the world for three children!

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