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The Hesser Foundation Allowing Children to Reach Their Potential

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

My daughter-in-law was always sending money to the Philippines. I asked her why and she said “Every child is not born with the same rights to a healthy start, an education or a safe, secure childhood.”

She grew up in Negros Occidental where sugarcane is its main product. This earned the nickname “The Sugar bowl of the Philippines.” However, poverty incidence is high here, with Negros Occidental having the highest concentration of poor families in the country.  Although there is a minimum wage in the Philippines, it dose not apply to the farming and fishing workers. About 33 percent of the population receive less than the equivalent of two U S dollars for ten-hour work day.

Due to poverty, many children drop out of school to work to help support their families. Here, they are exploited and forced to work those long hours.

Child Workers

Garbage Collectors

Sugarcane Workers

Their diet consists mainly of rice with an occasional bit of fish or meat mixed in once or twice per week. When a family barely survives on less than two dollars a day, there is not enough money for food let alone anything else. Sadly, this is why illiteracy is passed on from generation to generation.

Some children want to go to school despite the fact that the parents do not have the money to send them. Many parents believe it is the child’s duty to work to help the family.  This why The Hesser Foundation was founded in 2015.  We help the children who wish to go to school by paying for their school supplies and costs, however, the children must keep their grades up or they will be dropped from our program.

The Hesser Foundation is very passionate about educating the children of illiterate parents, who wish to be educated.

Our volunteers are coaching the children of illiterate parents, who do not have the skills to teach their children anything but unskilled labor.

Volunteer Classes

Watching Classes on TV

Volunteer Classes

These hard working children who want to rise above their circumstances become the teachers, health care workers, science, technology, engineering and mathematicians we need so badly in their country and all over the world.

Because of the rate of exchange, our money will go further in the Philippines. We can keep a child in school for about $20 US per year. One year supplies cost about $10 US.

We have family living there who assist us in making sure all the money goes to helping the children, and not filtered through others managers who would require pay.

Yes, there are other good charities which help the poor and will help people for through a crisis.

We help only the children in Escalante because when our children graduate, they have the skills to help their families for the rest of their lives!

Supplies for the Children

One of our Supported Groups

Sponsored Children

With COVID-19, there is much more work to do. These children do not have televisions, computers or the internet so our local volunteers bring those students into their homes and teach them what they need to learn to catch up.

Stop the cycle of illiteracy! Where else can you change a Child’s life for $20.00?

Your money has never been needed as it is right now. Your donation will keep these remarkable children in school. Any amount will help!

Thank you.


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