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What is The Hesser Foundation?

The Hesser Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping those needy children go to schools in the Philippines. Our goal is to provide a much-needed opportunity for the children of poor families to get out of poverty by obtaining an education.

We go to the small cities untouched by the large charities.

The Hesser Foundation gives 100 cents on every dollar to the schools it services. It does not take any money from donations for marketing or administrative expenses. If you choose to donate to The Hesser Foundation, you can count on all of it going to help the needy in those communities.

These last two years are finely over. What a relief! Between Covid-19 and the bad weather we have much to make up for.

Please help us stop the cycle of illiteracy! The poor illiterate workers who only make 310 Philippine pesos ($5.64 US) per 10 hour shift, working in the sugar and fishing industries. They cannot even feed their family let alone pay for the $20 school tuition and supply charge. This is where we come in. Since 2015 we have been paying for the school fees directly to the school and giving the children the school supplies needed. This all goes through our unpaid relatives and volunteers to make sure none of the money is taken by any other entity. Our volunteers also open their homes to the children for tutoring as they cannot be helped by an illiterate parent.

We have never been in as bad position as we are today. These last two years have set us back and there is an immediate need. Please give what you can. No gift will be too small. Without the money for basic education age-appropriate supplies, such as, ball pens, pencils, erasers, notebook, rulers, scissors, crayons and glue, children are often turned away because they cannot fully participate.

Joel Ruiz Butuyan, of Philippine Daily inquirer writes

"The severe scarcity of books among Filipino students is a serious crisis that must be addressed with urgency."

"Because we are poor, my grandparents cannot afford to send us to school. My grandparents are fisherman and they are getting old. My parents broke up and they left us with nothing. I want to continue to go to school so I can help my brothers and sisters as well."


“This is one of my favorite foundations to donate to.All the proceeds go straight to children in need in the Philippines.Most foundations filter through a few companies that take a percentage…”

Sabrian M

You can change the world for one child for only a $20 donation.

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