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Why we give to the Children in Escalante

The Hesser Foundation is very passionate about the children of illiterate parents who wanted to be educated.


Give a man a fish and you will feed him dinner. Teach him to fish and you will feed him forever.

We are teaching the children of illiterate parents who do not have the skills to teach their children anything but unskilled labor.

These remarkable children who want to rise above their circumstances then become the teachers in the Philippines, US and all over the world.  They become the health care workers we need so badly now.

Your money will go farther in the Philippines then in most other areas.  We can keep a child in school for about $20 US per year. Where else can you change a Childs life for $20?

We have family living in the Philippines that will help us so that all the money goes direct to Childs benefit and not filtered through others which take a percent for themselves. 

Yes, there are other good charities which help the poor. That will help them for a short time.

We help the people in Escalante because when our Children graduate, they now have the skills to help their families for the rest of their lives!

With COVID-19, we have work to do. These Children do not have televisions, computers or the internet! Our local volunteers bring those students to their homes and teach them what they need to catch up.

It is that time of year again—the season of giving. As people are planning their gifts to family, friends, colleagues and clients, they are also giving to charities.

Giving to others less fortunate or who are going through hard times can be very rewarding; it feels good to be able to donate to causes you are passionate about.

All Nonprofit organizations have also been hit hard this year and would certainly appreciate any charitable donations they receive.

Your money has never been needed as it is right now.  Your donation will keep these remarkable children in school.  Any amount will help! Thank you.

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