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Your #donation will change a life!

Life for the impoverished is extremely difficult; however, with your help we are providing a much-needed opportunity for the children of poor families to get out of poverty by obtaining an education.  Every year, thousands of young and healthy minds are going to waste in the #Philippines.  Of the illiterate people, 50% are children.  If they do not go to school, Filipino children are compelled to work to support the needs of their family.  Close to a million Filipino youths work as garbage scavengers in public dumps.  The working conditions are filthy and have serious effects on the health of those individuals.  Other children employed in rural sectors work nonstop on sugar, rice and tea plantations or in the fishing sector.




The sad fact is that even though the parents want to have their child go to school they cannot afford the tuition.  When a family is barely surviving on less than two dollars per day, there is not enough money for food let alone their children’s education. Their diet consists mainly of rice, with an occasional bit of fish or meat mixed in once or twice a week.

Since 2008 we have personally funded schools in the Philippines. We find that we cannot do enough by ourselves so we started a 501 © (3) #nonprofit #charity in 2015 and we are asking for your help.

In the Philippines, we are working in very small cities untouched by mainstream organizations because of their size. We have just started to help our third school.  We want to approve every child, no matter what their circumstances but there is only so much we can do without your help.

If you would make a donation toward our goal of greater sustainability by becoming (or continuing as) a friend of The Hesser Foundation, we would very much appreciate your generosity.  It’s easy to give, donate online just click on donate at:


In the Philippines your money will go further.  We have always relied on a dedicated team of volunteer cast and crew members, and an equally dedicated corps of patrons; people like you who #makeadifference and change a child’s life in the Philippines.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Your gift can #helpthechildren by paying school fees, provide essentials like textbooks and school supplies. We never use our donations for overhead or expenses. Our offices are donated and we do not take a salary. The local unpaid volunteers lead the civic programs and understand cultural nuances and their needs the best.

Please donate now.  Any amount will help.

The estimated total number of Filipino street children varies. The figures range from a low 100,000 to a high (but raw) figure of 250,000-300,000 nationwide.  According to Amnesty International, over 50,000 children in the Philippines have been arrested and detained since 1995. Torture, rape and other forms of cruel and inhumane treatment are a part of everyday life for those children while they’re incarcerated.  Most are charged with minor crimes, such as petty theft, sniffing solvents and vagrancy.

We believe that world change begins with educating these children. We are committing our attention on two key areas that will have the greatest impact: literacy and gender equality in education.  The best way for them to escape poverty is through education.

We do not want to overlook any child, no matter what their circumstances but there is only so much we can do alone.  Your gift of $.37 a day just $11.00 per month will assure that all of the new applications will be approved.

If your choice is to feed your family or send your children to school, unfortunately school must be forgotten.

“Having been raised in the Philippines I have a very personal awareness of their problems.  So I began paying for their tuition and school supplies.”

Dunesa Hesser

“Many of our children attending school have graduated at the top of their class, allowing them a promising future.”

Michael Hesser

#TheHesserFoundation is trying to collect enough money for the children for 2018.  Please help us.  It is not important how much you give any amount will help!

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