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"I need this scholarship because I have no parents. I live with my brother and his five children. Sometimes we have no money. I need this scholarship so I can finish my studies and then help my family. This scholarship can make my dream come true."

One of our classes


Your help of only $5.00 per month will keep three children in school for a year.

The Hesser Foundation funds schools for improvised students in the Philippines. Many of these students come from isolated fishing and farming communities that are prone to natural disasters.

If they do not attend school they are pressured to  work for less than $2.00 per 10 hour day to help support single-parent families.

Since 2008, The Hesser's have helped students stay in school by providing them the funds for their school and basic necessities like pencils, paper, books and shoes. 

Our Volunteer


Some of our amazing local Volunteers.

They give up their time to tutor and work with our students.  The    parents of these children are illiterate and cannot teach them anything but manual labor.

Most individuals would volunteer, if they felt they could make an impact.  

We all want to know that our hard work counts. Do you have some personal time to make a difference.   

Can you help with SEO, Facebook or Twitter?  Can you translate Bisaya or Tagalog? If so, please email me at

These children living in disadvantaged communities need a few minutes of your time from your home. 

"The severe scarcity of books among Filipino students is a serious crisis that must be addressed with urgency—with an immediate reallocation of public funds for the printing of books and the building of libraries."
Joel Ruiz Butuyan



Our Amazing Volunteers

In Person

Our offices are located at 

3275 S Jones Blvd, suite 104

Las Vegas, NV 89146

Masks are required

Due to the COV-19


Their family has less than two dollars per day which to survive, there is no money for their children’s education.

If you will donate for just one child at a time  we will be able to help one school at a time!

You can change the world for one child for only a $20 donation per year!

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