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about the Hesser foundation
Empowering Filipino Children to change their lives

"Thank you to The Hesser Foundation ma’am Dunesa Hesser and sir. Michael Hesser thank you for awarded me a gold medal and a cash, I will promise that I will continue my journey and I will aim high as well. To my family, thank you for helping me to reach my goals in life."
Josefa Marie

Dunesa Hesser grew up in the Philippines

Growing up Dunesa lost her parents at a young age.  It was not an easy life.  She not only had to take care of herself she also had to provide for her seven siblings to survive.  They experienced all sorts of hardships in life.  Growing up she had to work to feed her family.  


She decided that the only way she and her family could rise above there circumstances was through education.  Dunesa studied hard and worked hard.  She has become a capable, independent woman moving to the United States with her brothers and sisters.


Even though her childhood was not the best, she could see that her circumstances were much better than the children of illiterate parents. 


Dunesa now is involved with Hesser Entertainment and The World Series of Fighting.  But even though she is so busy she has never forgotten her life in the Philippines. 


This is why The Hesser Foundation was started, so she could give back.  She wanted to make the ability for the children of illiterate parents who wanted to be educated, could be  educated.

Every child is not born with the same rights to a healthy start, an education and a safe, secure childhood.


“I have so many things to be grateful that happens in my life.  Being blessed in some ways, I want share what I have and I want to be a blessing to others.  I will never forget my roots, I will never forget where I came from, and I am proud that I am still Filipina at heart.”


Dunesa Hesser

Dunesa and her family
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